Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recap of Events

Wow.  Its been a while.  I think the last post was on golf.  Yes it was.   There isn't anything big that has happened but there have been good opportunities.   Here are some:

Fundraiser for Special olympics:

The Special Olympics fundraiser is almost over.  I have until October 29th to raise funds for special olympics.  Here is an example of what its for:

It is time for the annual fundraiser for special olympics. If you are interested you can donate money to support special olympics. If you are far away and can't meet up with me you can send a check in the mail to jackson county special olympics. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support the special olympic athletes. The donations can be used for sports equipment food transportation and also uniforms. Please support special olympics. Anybody with a disability can succeed in sports. Thank you

This was an excellent night.  I remember a lot of things.  I shared rules of how we can be better attentive listeners and it was great to hear everyone's questions.  Nancy, one of the members said this group rocks.  I think so too.  I am happy to be a leader.  

As I recall some of the things we have talked about as a group I have not only taking each meeting seriously but I also have added things that are fun too.   Great times this year.

Last.  And I'm telling sara davis about this, I just looked on facebook and one of the osac members have stepped down.  I don't know if I mentioned anything about it or pip.   Maybe I haven't.   Basically OSAC is a program where an executive group learns different programs to help people with disabilities.  After being part of OSAC I wanted to find a way to help people.   It was later that I heard I could enroll in pip which is called Partners in Policy Making.   I learned so much that it would take me hours to explain.  I learned many things while I was there.   I learned that its important to listen to people before being a solution to a problem.  I learned that loneliness is the true disability.  I learned about an ISP.    There were many things that inspired me to be a leader.    When I started being a leader of unique advocacy supports group which was at the time the name of our group.    It was later that when I went to OSAC I shared everything about me to ryley newport who is the leader of OSAC.  He told me that I had an opportunity to be a better leader.   He said I should create a website for the group.  And I have.   This is the link to where you can find out everything about the group.

Now to finish I want to share about something big that I just got told about.

So i had to step down from osac executive board and wanted to know if you would want my spot.

I said I wasn't sure.

Then she said:
your the one person i think would rock it!! But either way Osac will be lucky to have you
Then I said: What is your position that you were doing?

She said: Advocate at large

I have called her and asked what its about. She has nominated me to have that position. That means I can be honored as a member of the executive board. I originally was applying for sergeant in arms but I can't have both positions. I can only have one option.

I am going to keep track of what's going on in my life. I will post every sunday to keep you up to date. I wish you the best.

Eric Thompson

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