Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Where has this year gone?

This has been a crazy couple months:

I was successful in getting The Legendary Hero book published.   I learned a lot of things as I've increased my skills as a writer.   I've had a publisher.   There's so much to know when there's a story being written:

Use of repeating sentences
Finding the pieces of the puzzle to fit words into a story
Keeping chapters aligned
Organizing page numbers

In addition to publishing my book I'm just finishing my next story which is called Autism.  I've also created a bunch of emails.   The emails have purpose for a specific thing.   Some of it include jackson county self advocates osac author and regular email.   My group has been going well.  A lot has changed.   I've been called in the church to be a facilitator.  I've been going to the temple pretty often.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving.

I don't know what else to say.   I hope all of you have a great thanksgiving.   Before I go I want to give you access to my author page.   It's there you can see what books I'm working on.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Eric's APSE Experience

What an epic experience at the APSE Conference

The first day there were many sessions that I was a part of.
On the first day I heard a keynote speaker talking about autism.  In the morning session I presented about my job.
Here’s the video:
After that I came to lunch and met a bunch of people where I showed the short story about my autism.  I also shared my long story too. 
At the next session I learned a lot about accommodations in the work place.
On the last session for day 1 Ryley and Gabby and Ross talked about OSAC. I introduced myself and mentioned about my advocacy group.

2nd day

This was the most epic day of all.  Seriously!! How can people keep a secret for a week? Well they succeeded.  
At the beginning of the morning I heard an amazing keynote speaker named Jonathan Chase who talked about his journey with autism.  I got his book and shared my stories with him. 
For the 1st session I listened to gabby and some other OSAC board members talk about P2P.  

After that session I went to lunch and heard another keynote speaker.  A lady and her son.  I shared my story with them. I was inspired by their story too.  The boy who was there was named Niko Boskovic. 
He talked about his accomplishments. He didn’t speak verbally but he did have something that could talk for him.
I received this for all my hard work in OSAC and the Jackson County Self Advocates Group.
When I heard my name being called I was so surprised.  I walked up to receive the award and said “Thank you for this award. I want to thank Ryley Newport for introducing me to OSAC.  I do have autism.  Anyone who has a disability can do hard things.  I know that for a fact.   Thank you!!!” Here’s the link for the video:

I’m so grateful that I could be a part of this conference and look forward to doing it again someday.  I’m living my community dream. 


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Recap of Events

There's a lot of things that are still in progress.   I can't mention about them all but I do know that there are many opportunities coming.   My brotherinlaw passed away and I have been trying to hang in there.   I'm not alone.   When I have a chance later on I will post my next blog.   I'm working on a new story.  It's about autism.   When it is finished it will be posted on facebook.