Sunday, February 4, 2018

Recap of Events

There's a lot of things that are still in progress.   I can't mention about them all but I do know that there are many opportunities coming.   My brotherinlaw passed away and I have been trying to hang in there.   I'm not alone.   When I have a chance later on I will post my next blog.   I'm working on a new story.  It's about autism.   When it is finished it will be posted on facebook.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year and upcoming goals for the year

Here is a video that I created in behalf of the new year:

I have many projects that I want to accomplish too.  Most of them are on my goals list.   I haven't gone into too much detail about them.   But these are the things I want to do this year:

1. Gain independence and stop making excuses.
2. Learn new things to cook.
3. Start reading spanish book.
4. Read remainder of books in bookshelf.

1. Become the employee that I need to be.
2. Be patient.
3. Improve skills to rise above being proficient.

1. Become a better notetaker.
2. Improve skills as a leader.
3. Find a way to invite other groups to OSAC or my group.

I look forward to my next post.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Opportunities

I've been thinking about a lot of things.   OSAC JCSA and Church. 

OSAC has been going through a change.   I was called to be the secretary of OSAC.  It's my responsibility to take notes.   It's been a different change for me.   When I started I recorded meetings and kept track of the things that OSAC has been talking about.   As a part of my position I have been asked to create a paper about tips for the jackson county self advocates.   Here's a paper that describes it: 

Before the Meetings
Flier posted around town for 6 months of dates and purpose
Monthly flier for specific meetings details
Transportation to meeting number printed on fliers so that anyone who would like to come has options for transportation.
Self-Advocate Facebook page with announcements
Group design T-shirts for members purchase
All are welcome to attend meetings
Meetings are on a specific day each month – 2nd Tuesday of every month
During the Meetings
Each self-advocate group is different so it is important to ask them what they would like to do and learn about them.
Brainstorm activities advocates would like to do periodically
Have a Self-Advocate facilitate the meeting and individuals within the group can participate in any way they choose: some shop for snacks, some set up the room, some present to the group
Agenda is always written down so people can follow it
Leader goes around the room and asks everyone to introduce themselves each meeting and answers a silly question
Sharing time is important where self-advocates can talk and be heard by their peers
Socialization time during the meeting is important for relationship building
Refreshments – snacks and goodies are always provided
Invite professional speakers that the group would like to learn more about examples: Policemen, Personal safety, budgeting, relationships and boundaries
Include fun activities – some months we just get together to have fun together: swimming parties, movie nights, karaoke, skits, camping, and holiday parties
Find people who are interested in your area
Send news on facebook to different organizations about this group
Create a live facebook video about the purpose of the group
Invite your friends to spread the word about the group

In addition I have kept track of the notes of each OSAC meeting.  I then send it to Gabrielle Guedon who is the leader. 

The Jackson County Self Advocates meetings have been a huge success.   There have been many different opportunities for the self advocates to learn.  Here's a flyer for the upcoming meeting

It has taken me a long time to post a flyer like this.

Church has changed now in a lot of ways.   I have an extra calling.   A calling is something that I'm asked to do as part of the church and temple.   The best thing about the temple is that you recognize the spirit.  You also have the opportunity to help other people.   The people at the temple are always asking me to help them because they probably couldn't do the work for themselves.   I want you to know that the church is true.   It's a place of happiness and comfort.   When I read the book of mormon (a book that talks about the savior) I feel inspired to take action and do those things that I'm asked to do.   The spirit is with us when we read the scriptures.  The spirit or holy ghost is a voice that speaks to us.  When we listen we have a good feeling inside.

I have some extra things that I want to accomplish.   That will be the next thing on this blog.